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The Spirit of Bali

Let us take you on a faraway journey to the Island of the Gods with UNIQUE FURNITURE and HIGH END DECOR hand-crafted by the beautiful Balinese People.

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Living with the Spirit of Nature!

Spirit Of Living Home decor

Dining with the Spirit of Nature!

The Teak Root Salad Bowl S 6
The Teak Root Chop Sticks 2
The Teak Root Salad Bowl S 2
The Teak Root Honey Roller 5
The Teak Root Salt Cup XS 5

Our Philosophy & Brands

A trend that is gaining popularity is the use of natural materials and sustainable products and eco-friendly products. I am quite sure it will not be just a trend, because it is a logical consequence based on the general expansion of people's consciousness. Many have realised that we are a part of our Planet and that we can only live healthy and happy if we are in harmony - in alignment - with Nature. Our wonderful Planet Earth gives us everything we need. Mother Earth not only satisfies our general living needs, she also offers us an endless selection of natural materials we can use in all areas of our creations, such as for example home décor. This obviously needs in particular the inclusion of elements such as wood, stone and plants, special grasses, shells, etc.

BAZAR BIZAR - The Belgian interior brand creates highly original design pieces made of eco-friendly handmade products and only from natural materials, such as water hyacinth, rattan, bamboo, shells, and beautiful different kind of grasses. The extensive home décor collection includes home accessories, fashion accessories, woven rugs, lamps, cushions, ceramics, chairs and much more in gentle mostly natural colors such as beige, brown, white and also black. The creative team of BAZAR BIZAR creates handmade home décor and furniture, carefully selected design pieces that constantly embody originality, quality, innovation and craftsmanship for a sustainable eco-friendly living.

HIPPIE MONKEY is a brand with love for unique craftsmanship. The combination of natural materials and the love of the people who make it, makes unique and one of a kind products that give an immediate bohemian vibe to every room in your house. Hippie Monkey wants to share these beautiful interior creations with the rest of the world and make every home feels like a day in paradise. 

The use of natural materials for handmade home décor creates a warm, cozy atmosphere, positive energies, or great vibrations and that this natural energy, positively influences you and your loved ones is no longer a secret.

That’s the energy of home decor where YOUR Spirit Of Living really relaxes!

Happy Shopping and Much Love!


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