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Conscious Living
"The key to transformation is always in the present moment."
- Bashar

Welcome to The Hub where Passion meets Consciousness and The Joy of Living unfolds

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Awakening Consciousness

Get ready to explore the fascinating Realm of Consciousness, the Quantum World, Ancient Wisdom, and even Channelings from Bashar. We'll delve into the mysteries of existence, understand who we truly are, and uncover the Magic that Shapes Our Reality. Join us and become the Conscious Creator that you actually are.

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New-Age Lifestyle

We're all about shaking things up and living life to the fullest with cool living styles for your authentic lifestyle. Where and how to live? What does your perfect nest look like? What about decorations? We've got how-to tips and inspiration to help you create your authentic living style. Let's dive in and make some magic happen together!

Transformation through Conscious Living

You can transform any situation that doesn’t align with your happiness. Your definitions of things, your beliefs, thoughts, feelings don’t just affect your reality; they also shape the reality of our human family. Knowing yourself is key.

Your Place

City, Countryside, or Water? The Choice is Yours…!

Your Ultimate Place To Be!

Imagine a world of Peace and Abundance where Everything is possible.

Where would you love to live?


Are you ready to dive into your Highest Excitement of Creating your New-Age Living Style, then find Inspiration for your Vision and Creation right here.

Choosing The Authentic Housing

What Type of Home Inspires Your Feelings of Joy, Happiness, and Hominess?

If you could have it all, what kind of home would you choose? Or would you opt for a life of travel, remote work, or embracing the nomadic lifestyle? Welcome to the New Age of living! Picture yourself living in a way that perfectly suits your unique style and values. What’s important to you? Did you know there’s a world of possibilities when it comes to homes? From trendy tiny houses to innovative container homes, and even whimsical treehouses—the options are endless. Let’s dive into the exciting realm of modern living and discover the perfect fit for your lifestyle!

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Spirit Of Living Empowering Authentic Lives

Awaken your Spirit of Living! Create the Life you Love! Treasure Every Moment!

Aren’t we all just trying to live our most authentic lives and craft the world we truly want? Well, Spirit of Living is here to be your go-to source for all things inspirational, offering insights to widen your horizons and be right there with you on your journey. If the wisdom you stumble upon here guides you to uncover something fresh or unexpected, propelling you towards your highest excitement and expanding your consciousness, then I’m fulfilled in my mission! Let’s continue this journey of exploration and creation side by side!

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