Explore the Beautiful Power of Conscious Living

The Beautiful Power of Conscious Living

Experiencing The Power of Conscious Living

The opportunity for experiencing the power of conscious living lies dormant within each of us, ready to be utilised. It is the ability to consciously perceive every moment and make deliberate decisions that align with our highest values and beliefs.

Every moment offers the opportunity to consciously choose what we believe and how we want to live. Do you want to act in accordance with your innermost values and beliefs, or in automatic mode, controlled by unconscious patterns and conditioning?Cultivating the power of self-awareness can be transformative, leading to profound personal growth and a deeper understanding of oneself and others.

Knowledge is Power of Conscious Living

The prerequisite for the art of conscious living is knowledge. It is said that “knowledge is power,” but knowledge alone is useless if we do not apply it. The application of our knowledge is therefore the real power. For unlocking the power, you must be aware of who you are and how you define life, yourself, your experiences, and everything around you. You must be aware of your beliefs in order to bring about changes in your being, actions, and possessions – if you wish to make a change. What you believe is what you receive – does that sound familiar? Yes, it’s already in the Bible. According to your faith let it be done to you.”

What or Who are You Really?

You are consciousness. The essence of consciousness is to be aware of itself – of every aspects of your life and of what and who you are. Your essence consists of various levels of consciousness that together shape your reality and create it based on your beliefs. When these levels of consciousness work together harmoniously and each of them fulfils its assigned purpose, you transform your life. Your life flows positively, and you master your challenges with ease.

Why Conscious Living?

Of course, you have free will and can decide how you want to live your life. There are no fixed rules or laws, except for the universal principles that are unchangeable. There is no higher power that rewards or punishes you. Life itself is a school without grading or judgment; it shows you your progress in the events you perceive in every areas of your life. Life offers only lessons that you can master to grow – but you don’t have to. The beauty is: growth happens in any case, no matter how you master your life.

By expanding state of consciousness and starting a conscious life, you can significantly ease your stay in this school. Life itself is neutral; it has no predetermined meaning. Your task is to give your life meaning and to live it authentically. This task can be much easier to master through knowledge and your consciousness.

In Your Life, It’s All About You

Your life is your movie, in which you play the lead role. How often do you suppress things that would bring you joy because you fear the opinions or judgments of others? Many people are so influenced by the opinions, expectations, and judgments of others that they lose touch with their own beliefs, thoughts, and feelings. But in your life, it’s all about you – about what you believe, think, and feel. It’s about your authenticity and how you express your creative power in this existence, reaching your highest purpose while helping others!

The Opinions and Expectations of Others

People may criticise you for making conscious, healthy life decisions. Yes, people are who they are, but you always have the choice of how to react to their criticism. Complaining about what others say about you or think about your life makes no sense at all. Remember, there are billions of people out there, and just as many opinions, and you can’t please everyone anyway. Yes, you couldn’t even satisfy a small fraction of the critics.

And it’s certainly not about fulfilling the expectations of others because there are at least as many expectations as there are opinions. Let people think, expect, and believe what they want – while you enjoy a fulfilling life because you live in alignment and make choices that align with your happiness, your satisfaction, and your beliefs.

Tip: By redirecting your attention from others to yourself, you’ve already taken a big step forward, and your life will be much easier.

Building Relationships That Work

Honest satisfying relationships that work begin with a foundation of understanding and empathy. It starts with empathic listening, where partners truly hear and acknowledge each other’s feelings and perspectives. But before we can build strong connections with others, we must first cultivate a healthy relationship with our self. A sense of self-awareness, self-love and the quality of compassion are vital components in forming meaningful connections with others.

One of the most effective methods of nurturing relationships is through transformative communication. This involves honest and open dialogue, where both parties feel safe expressing their thoughts and emotions. Transformative communication has the power to change your life, fostering deep connections and mutual understanding.

When we prioritise transformative communication, we create relationships that are honest, satisfying, and built to last. By investing time and effort into understanding ourselves and others, we can create fulfilling connections that enrich our lives in countless ways.

The Power of Conscious Living Compared to Healthy Living

I wondered if a healthy life without consciousness is even possible. Even if we live healthily, watch our diet and our body, and exercise, we can still become seriously ill. Why is that so? Quite simply because our belief shapes our thoughts and feelings, thus creating our reality. Therefore, it’s more important to know what we believe about certain things in this area than what we do, because the result always corresponds to our belief. Of course, a healthy lifestyle is important, but it automatically occurs when you become more conscious.

How does the Power of Conscious Living work in Practice?

The power of conscious living means recognising and consciously correcting the power of our beliefs and definitions over everything that is, in order to choose a more positive reality. Yes, it’s about our choice! In essence, we do not create – we choose our perceptions between positive, negative, and neutral, and this is reflected in our reality. By being mindful and intentional, we live in harmony with our highest values and our own definitions and lead a fulfilling, authentic life.

Living consciously means making the best possible choice in the given moment and creating a connection with your authentic self.

How can You Recognise that You are Not Living Consciously?

  1. If you often feel overwhelmed, distracted, or even alienated by your thoughts and emotions without consciously choosing how to react to them.
  2. If you feel like you’re just functioning and not “really living.”
  3. If you often find yourself trapped in recurring negative thought patterns or behaviours without consciously questioning or changing them.
  4. If you often find yourself in automatic actions or reactions without consciously deciding whether they align with your values and goals.
  5. If you feel that external circumstances or other people control your life instead of taking responsibility for your actions and decisions yourself.
  6. If a small voice whispers to you, “Hey, I don’t believe this now…”, but you still do it because someone else thinks it’s right and good.
  7. If you need confirmation from your surroundings for your being, doing, and having.
  8. If you constantly need to keep busy to distract yourself from yourself.
  9. If you often feel stressed, overwhelmed, dissatisfied, or anxious without consciously reflecting on what would truly make you happy and how you could bring about positive changes.
  10. If you are not actively engaged in your relationships.
  11. If you constantly dwell on the past or yearn for future, better days instead of paying attention to and enjoying the present moment. Now is the only moment available to you to make the best choice for your future.
  12. If it’s hard for you to say no, even if it doesn’t fit at the moment.
  13. If it’s hard for you to make decisions.
  14. If you don’t stand confidently by your decisions.
Tip: Learn to stand confidently by your decisions, say NO if it feels like a NO within you, because ultimately, you are only responsible for your actions.

Perfection is Not the Purpose and Goal in Life!

It’s not about perfection; it’s about focusing on what is important to YOU, prioritising it, and finding your own pace in your life. It’s about enjoyment, joy, and growth. Every person must walk their own path at their own pace – so do YOU!

Every day is worth living to the fullest – if you try to be perfect, perfect in health, perfect in your job, perfect in your relationship, then you miss out on the opportunities to enjoy life.

By the way! Your struggles are just as important as your successes, and both are worth celebrating. Every moment of your life, the tearful, the painful, and the blissful moments tell your life story, and whatever you experience – it belongs to you, and it is your responsibility alone.

Living Consciously means Enjoying Life and Recognising it as the Miracle it truly is.

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