Table Lamps

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Table Lamps are more than a Light Source!

Whatever lamps you have in your rooms, the table lamps for the living room or the bedroom offers focused light for your beautiful moments. Whether reading, snuggling on the sofa, meditating, or having dinner with friends, the table lamp provides the special atmosphere you want to create for your moments of well-being. Of course, our table lamps are also handmade exclusively from natural materials. With great creativity and lots of love, our extraordinary table lamps are created in beautiful Indonesia, on the island of the gods in Bali. By the way…who says that a table lamp should not be really big? It should be really big because it is not only a source of light, it is an eye-catching special designer piece! Enjoy!

All our table lamps are handmade from natural materials, slight variations in size and color are part of their charm. If a product is out of stock, please contact us to find out when it will be back in stock and if you can reorder it.