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Amazing Huge Pendant Lamps!

Our Brand Bazar Bizar is famous for designing huge pendant lamps! A lamp with a diameter of 150 cm is an absolute highlight in any room. Imagine … a room decorated in natural colors, perhaps even in minimalist design, and as a wow factor this huge pendant lamp? But, if this is not your home décor style and you don’t want it quite so big, then go for a smaller size, our pendant lamps usually come in three sizes.

Whether in the living room or as a bedside lamps, the pendant lamp with its beautiful light pattern cast across your ceiling, walls, and floor is always the first impression of good vibes when you enter a room.

Are the pendant lamps as well, only from natural materials, handmade in paradise, echo-friendly, and fair-trade? … Yes, of course!

All our pendant lamps are handmade from natural materials, slight variations in size and color are part of their charm. If a product is out of stock, please contact us to find out when it will be back in stock and if you can reorder it.