Stone Statues

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Hand Carved Stone Statues

Cuter is not possible! Our stone statues are from the Islands of the Gods in Indonesia and all of them are hand carved from sandstone or jackfruit with wood and some are decorated with cowrie shells by local artisans. In the traditional villages of Sumba for example, hand carved stone statues like these are placed inside and around the entrance of the hut providing protection and healing to the occupants inside. Statues play an important role in Indonesia, with each island having its own type and meaning and they are meant to keep bad spirits away, but will also make your interior much more interesting. These little guys make a beautiful statement by themselves or look great in a cluster to create a real impact.

All our hand carved stone statues are from natural materials, slight variations in size and color are part of their charm. If a product is out of stock, please contact us to find out when it will be back in stock and if you can reorder it.